Yes! All our handcrafted copper pipe or iron clothing rails, as well as our hand crafted shelving units and are delivered flat packed for ease of shipping, and to keep delivery costs as low as possible. They require very simple assembly which usually takes just a couple of minutes at most, and no tools are required. We provide full instructions with every rail, but if you require a copy of these please drop us an email at and we'll be able to email over a copy.
We do! Anywhere we reference 'copper' as a feature or in the name or description of our handcrafted products, it means 100% real copper pipe and/or fixings are used to make it.
One of the unique features of our copper clothing rails, candle holders and home accessories is that they're coated with a thin anti tarnish but hard wearing to ensure the copper retains its rose gold colour and bright, luxurious shine. While we can't guarantee that the copper will not change tone slightly over time, particularly if in a heavy-use environment where the lacquer may become scratched or otherwise worn away, our protective lacquer is incredibly effective and provided they're treated with care, our copper products should retain their luxurious high-shine finish.